Brushed Metal 36×24 PhotoPrint


State-of-the-art flatbed printers produce the photograph or artwork directly onto brushed aluminum in the form of metal photo prints. Latex inks produce the best color gamut with maximum durability. Finally, a clear coat is added to the finished metal photo print.

Two different appearances are offered. First, the bright parts of the image are omitted from the print, leaving the brushed aluminum visible for a unique metallic sheen. Certain metal photo prints make for a very attractive and unique look under the light.  So, silver or gold metal shine, it depends on your photograph. Try our custom metal photo prints to see the results for yourself.

NOTE: Our Photo Prints are manufactured in-house and have no minimum requirement.  We are happy to custom-make your print to any size or shape.  Don’t hesitate to contact (520) 795-7446 to learn more. Our process for completing your project is second to none.


Total price: $72.49

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Customize This Product


Brushed Metal 36×24 Photoprint - Your Customized Products Brushed Metal Photoprints

To personalize your product, we offer two options through our customization feature. By simply tapping on the CUSTOMIZE button, you can proceed with the following choices:

1. Download your own design: If you have a specific design or artwork that you would like to use, you can easily upload it onto our platform. This allows you to have complete control over the visual elements of your personalized product.

2. Use our wide range of images, backgrounds (scenes), clip art, and templates: If you prefer to choose from our selection, we offer a diverse range of visual assets at no additional cost. For example, we have an extensive collection of 148 dog breeds, including face sketches, portraits, and full bodies. You can incorporate these images into your design to create a personalized product that suits your preferences.

Once you have customized your product to your liking, you can proceed to order or print it. Alternatively, you can also download or print these images individually for personal use at no charges involved.

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